Nova's imperial Dragonknight build

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Nova's imperial Dragonknight build Empty Nova's imperial Dragonknight build

Post by Novagoth on Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:01 pm

Currently running a dragonknight tank lvl 34
Ardent flame. Standard of might ultimate
Venomous claw

Draconian power. Green dragon blood

Earthen heart. Stone giant

Running with one hand and shield

Champion points:
Thief: 30 moocalf, 30 healthy, 2 tenacity
Atronach: 62 Melee weapon expert
The lord: 50 heavy armor focus, 13 expert defender

This build has been a very powerful toe to toe character so far.

Gear: Main hand sword of vampire kiss
Off hand. Shield of vampire kiss

Helm of vampire kiss
Curass of vampire kiss
Shoulders of vampire kiss
Gauntlets of vampire kiss
Greaves of vampire kiss
Santons of vampire kiss

I put all skills into health

This character is heavy on stamina, and health. Handles bosses well. Doesn't do massive damage but lasts forever toe to toe. It does need a new armor and weapon upgrade at this time.

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