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Post by ofStyle on Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:53 pm

This build hits like a truck and heals like a saint. Buffs the group with authority and rarely runs low on Magicka. Learning when to heal and when to dps is the key. Do not overheal. You can not heal the threat to death.

Breton, Templar

Attributes: Magicka, 54
                Health, 10
                Stamina, 0

Max Magicka (unbuffed) : 24938,  recovery: 1398
Max Health (unbuffed ) : 18854, recovery: 439
Max Stamina ( unbuffed) : 9064, recovery: 565

Spell Damage and Weapon Damage: 1436
Spell Crit % : 37.  Weapon Crit %: 25

Spell Resistance: 18476,  Physical Resistance: 10061

Seducer: 5 piece set, Cuirass and Helm(Heavy Armor)
                               Shoulders, Waist and Legs(Light Armor)

Magnus: 4 piece set, Hands and Boots(Light Armor)
                              Dual Wield(Daggers), Resto Staff

Fasallas Guile: 3 piece, Jewelry Set (Healthy)

Dual Wield Bar: Puncturing Sweep IV, Blazing Spear IV (Aedric Spear)
                       Purifying Light IV, Radiant Glory IV (Dawns Wrath)
                       Repentance IV (Restoring Light)
    Ultimate:  Practiced Incantation IV (Restoring Light)

Resto Staff Bar: Honor the Dead IV (Restoring Light)
                       Ritual of Retribution IV (Restoring Light)
                       Rapid Regeneration IV, Combat Prayer IV (Resto Staff)
                       Structured Entropy IV (Mages Guild)
    Ultimate:  Solar Prison IV

Champion Points: Warrior, (the Lady):Thick Skinned, 27.  Hardy, 27.  
                                      Elemental Defender, 27.
                                     (the Lord): Quick Recovery, 28

                          Thief, (the Tower): Magician, 55.
                                  (the Lover): Arcanist, 54

                          Mage, (the Apprentice): Blessed, 36.  Elfborn, 36.
                                   Elemental Expert, 36.


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