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Post by ofStyle on Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:03 pm

/bow.   ofStyle, Breton Templar, Champion 320. Chi Sao Dragons, Sifu Treasurer.  Master of all crafts, including Bation. My mount is a Lion, my pet is a Tiger, why?...because I like to be surrounded by pu...rty cats.  I'm considered a healer, but I do not heal, so don't ask.  You can trust me tho, I will Rez you asap! Sandy updrafts throughout Tamriel cause severe chaffing, so I prefer not to wear robes. An Asian man, who plays an Asian woman, that is dressed like a man. Be mindful in the restroom ladies, i haven't a clue what I identify as, although I have the equipment to stand, I often sit when I pee.  I put my guild before my own wants and needs, because my guilds needs are more important to me, than what I want. I believe in leading without ego, but don't mistake my kindness as a weakness, I am a better donkey than you are. If you see my name, say hello, if you need anything, just ask. I will have Ipman get right on it.


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