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Post by ofStyle on Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:58 pm

Master Crafter.

Master Alchemist, lvl 50. Specializing in Trifecta Potion
Master Provisioner, lvl 50. Variety of Purple, Blue and Green Food
Master Enchanter, lvl 50. Any Legendary Enchant, Kuta
Master Clothier, Level 50. 5 trait Light Armor & 5 trait Medium Armor Sets, no nirnhoned
Master Blacksmith, lvl 50. 5 trait Heavy Armor sets, no nirnhoned
Only 3 trait on weapons
Master Woodworker, lvl 50. 6 traits, including shield, no nirnhoned
Master Baiter, lvl 50. Specializing in Assistant to Head Angler. I bait. Often.

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